Welcome to Granada, Nicaragua

We are spending a year living and backpacking around Central America, starting in beautiful Granada, Nicaragua. At the moment the plan is to stay here for 4 months volunteering for an NGO before hitting the road to explore everywhere between Mexico and Peru.

Granada is ridiculously gorgeous. The feel is very tropical, with all houses painted bright colours, palm trees, humming birds, giant butterflies everywhere and near-constant sound of pounding drums in the distance. Temperatures generally reach around 34 degrees in the shade.So far our time here has been hectic but brilliant. We’ve settled into our lovely little volunteer house (after moving 3 times!) and both started working 3 days after arriving with jet lag. It’s taken a while to adjust to the heat, customs and language, but we think we’re starting getting the hang of it.

In the 3 short weeks we’ve been here, we’ve experienced:

  • The sun setting behind twin volcano peaks as we flew into Nicaragua
  • A tropical storm with torrential rain, thrashing palm trees, earth-shaking thunder and city-wide power cut
  • A baby scorpion in our kitchen (removed with a fish slice!)
  • 3 raucous city parades involving beer-swigging gigalos and hundreds of horse riders dressed (inexplicably) as cowboys
  • Sharing our nearby swimming pool with ducks (one of which bit Nick!), lizards, humming birds, geckos etc
  • So many hammocks
  • Multiple jelly fish stings in the sea at San Juan del Sur
  • One dollar beer EVERYWHERE!
  • A full-sized scorpion in my towel at our beach hostel
  • Loads of yummy local food, generally involving beans, rice and fried plantain

As you can see, life is very different here!


The Hipica fiesta/parade was in August. Everyone wears cowboy hats, flannel shirts and drink Flor de Cana rum while music pounds from massive speakers. Apparently this has something to do with the Ascension of the Virgin Mary, but not quite sure how the truck-load of gigolos and cowboy outfits fit into that…


The market is about 5 minutes from our house. Probably about 10,000 more photos of the market to come, because markets are brilliant…

Hasta la proxima!


One thought on “Welcome to Granada, Nicaragua

  1. Enjoyed reading the blog — keep it up!

    And good on that duck for biting Nick. He probably deserved it.

    I like the somewhat plaintive looking horse with its cart too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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